Joint Service with Communion

3 sun after The thirteens day Jesus creates faith Worship leader: Christina Molin. Sermon: Esther Kazen. Organ: Björn Gäfvert. Immanuel Gospel witn conducter Nina Tellander Remember! After the service at […]


FREDA is Stockholm’s finest youth event for those who are 13 years and up. We meet every other Friday at 18.30–21.30. We start the evening with fika followed by activities […]

Childrens Sunday

4th Sunday after epiphany Childrens Sunday - in swedish 10.00 Crafts in the church square, coffee for parents 10.45 Fruit and drink for all children 11.00 Worship service with kompiskören […]

Worship in English

Theme: Jesus is our hope Bible text: Matthew 14:22-33 Preaching: Hugh Doyle

Worship in swedish 16.00

Service with Communion The way to the heart goes through the stomach - What the Holy communion means to us Participating: Charlotte Höglund, Jacob Molander Music: Sebastian Mattebo

Conversation about The Bible and Life (In Swedish)

Welcome to an open conversation We read a story from the Bible and talk about life and about faith from our own perspectives. An open and unpretentious forum with room […]

Worship in swedish 11:00

Candlemas Day The light of the Revelation Worship leader: Ulla Marie Gunner Sermon: Marco Helles Organ: Alwar Almqvist Immanuel Brass

Worship in swedish 11:00

Candlemas Day God comes in to the world in a small child, who is met with wisdom by the elder. From the small the light grows. Marco Helles, Ulla Marie […]