Everyone Is Welcome

Welcome to Immanuel Church – no matter who you are. We value diversity and want our church to be characterized by warmth, love and respect. LGBTQ people are welcome on the same terms as others – as visitors, participants, members, volunteers, elected representatives, leaders or employees.

Rainbow families, parents and LGBTQ-youth are welcome in child- and youth-ministries. Immanuel Church officiates same sex weddings.  

Immanuel Church is home to people from many different christian traditions, meaning there are different biblical interpretations and views on LGBTQ topics. But Immanuel Church wants to be open for everyone, judgmental behavior and devaluing others do not belong in our church and we want the view on marriage and sexuality to be characterized by respect for diversity.* If you have any wishes or comments on how Immanuel Church can do better, or if you have experiences from Immanuel Church that does not reflect the church we want to be? Please contact: anna.berndes@immanuelskyrkan.se 

We want to listen and learn how to better become a safe congregation for all. 

Immanuel Church takes part in Kyrkorna på Pride 

If you are looking for a community especially for LGBT Christians, or if you want pastoral counseling with someone with knowledge in LGBT-issues, we can recommend contacting EKHO Stockholm 

*Read more about <a href="http://<!– wp:paragraph {"className":"is-style-default"} –> <p class="is-style-default">*<a href="https://www.immanuel.se/en/about-the-church/our-vision/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">https://www.immanuel.se/en/about-the-church/our-vision/</a></p> Immanuel Church Vision