Uniting Church of Sweden 

The international work of the Uniting Church both includes diaconal and ecumenical aspects. The diaconal aspect has to do with fighting poverty, to create possibilities for education and to provide health care. The ecumenical aspect has to do with theological education, to start new congregations and to support existing congregations. 

Uniting Church mostly works through local organizations in different collaboration countries, since it is both effective and gives a good result. Uniting Church also works with direct aid by sending and receiving missionaries. This provides meaningful exchanges across borders. 

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Diakonia is the Uniting Church of Sweden and Svenska Alliansmissionen’s aid organization, that work long-term with aid for a sustainable change. The organization are active in approximately 30 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East/Northern Africa. There, support is provided to around 400 local organizations that run projects so that people can get themselves out of poverty and oppression. 

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