Support others and become a volunteer

Would you like to make a difference in the life of another person? Perhaps you are an efficient cook or an excellent listener? Contact our diaconal care team to find out more about how you can get involved in our diaconal care ministries. You can also support this work by making a financial contribution.

“Being part of the community has meant a lot to us, especially to me. Seeing the goodness you spread has given me a better view of people and a more open view of people who are not exactly like me.

It has been so much fun, both to meet all the volunteers and all the guests. They are truly a blissful mix of people who have different things to share. Many share gratitude, others of political “insights”, others of ordinary frustration and anger. In other words, the guests are just like us volunteers.

Keep working for a better world, we will all feel good about it. Take care of yourself and stay healthy! “

/ Erik Wilhelmsson, volunteer New Community

Become a volunteer

How you can help

I want to make a financial contribution

You can make a difference for people in vulnerable situations by making a financial contribution. Your contribution goes toward the diaconal care ministries listed above.