Children's Sunday

Children’s activities

Welcome to play, sing and hear about the stories of the Bible

Six Sundays during the fall, there is a special activity for children in parallel with the service. All ages start together in the service, and after a while the children are invited to come along to “kapellet” for music, Bible stories, games, creations and lots of other fun.
NOTE All children need to be accompanied by an adult.

The gathering is especially adapted for ages approx. 3–7 years, but all children and adults are welcome!

Fall dates:
Sunday 3 Sep 11.00
Sunday 1 Oct 11.00
Sunday 15 Oct 11.00
Sunday 5 Nov 11.00
Sunday 12 Nov 11.00
Sunday 3 Dec 11.00

Leaders: Jonatan Ivansson, Zifa Eriksson and Charlotte Höglund

If you want more information about the autumn meetings for children, contact Charlotte Höglund

We of course welcome rainbow families.