Fees autumn 2023


Group 30 min, 2 participants, SEK 2715 kr/participants
Group 30 min, 3 participants and more, SEK 1.995/participants
Group 45 min, 2 participants, SEK 3.999/participants
Group 45 min, 3 participants and more, SEK 2.715/participants

Ensemble teaching offers for several instrument groups . Depending on levels, this is arranged differently from semester to semester.

String Quartet 1.575 kr

Instruments rent violin, viola and cello, per semester 755 kr.

Baby Rhythm 900 kr per child.

Mini Brass SEK 500/participant. SEK 300/participant for those who are students in the music school in instruments/singing

Individual lessons. We practice 20 min, 30 min och 45 min lessons. Regarding the tuition fee, please contact the expedition of the music school, 08-587 503 03, or send an email.