Our Vision

Immanuel Church is a Christian fellowship for people from all over the world. We are one congregation, but are invited to worship in multiple languages and traditions.

We value diversity and want our church to be characterized by warmth, love and respect. We seek to create an environment where children and youth can develop, where people receive support and where faith can grow. Everyone should feel at home here.

This is where I belong – no matter who I am or where I come from 

• in a community without borders 

• among believers from all over the world 

• in a fellowship that touches and inspires people 

• in a place where my faith can grow 


Our mission is based on Jesus’ call to spread the Gospel to all. We want to do that with sensitivity. Each person should be treated with respect for his or her integrity, searching and dignity.

Our approach 

Immanuel Church wants to be a welcoming and loving community.  We are unified by our faith in Christ and have a non-dogmatic approach towards theology, spirituality and view of the Bible. Everyone is unique and we want to provide a culture of respect and trust for ways of interpreting, seeking and expressing Christian faith.

Immanuel Church is a congregation with a mission.  But also a fellowship that worships in multiple languages and that gathers a diversity of people from all over the world. Sectarianism, judgmental behavior and devaluing others do not belong in our church. It is our continual ambition to strengthen people’s fellowship and to bridge cultural and social barriers both in our church as well as in society. 

A viable church is in constant change.  It is important to us that everyone – regardless of age and situation – can feel at home in Immanuel Church. History and tradition is joined together with innovation and development. This can only be realised by reciprocity and love, by a culture that is accepting and that takes the other’s experiences into consideration. 

We want to respect diversity in all contexts. This permeates our view of devotion, theology, language, church, marriage, sexuality, music, youth ministry and many other things in our worship life and ministry. We assume an us, not an ”us and them”. 

The congregation’s mission and vision will guide us in our ministry. We value volunteerism and participation – lay involvement is indispensible and something we always work to strengthen. Our decision-making is democratic and transparent and we value communication and dialogue. We are part of society and through our approach, we are seeking to respect and support people in their life situations.  We are an open and welcoming church.