Immanuel Music School – for all ages.
Right in the heart of Stockholm

Every week more than 200 students from 0-100 years old comes to Immanuel Music School to take lessons in singing and various instruments.

We have about 15 teachers, all with music education degrees, who teach with us. The students are given many opportunities to express their music, e.g. in our worship services, school term performances and chamber music concerts.

Music is a life-giving medicine. Studies show, for example, that students who play and sing a lot also achieve better results in school.

“Music is better for health than sports”, “Music is the brain’s best friend – it opens up clogged nerve pathways and prepares you to take on other challenges”, “Therefore your child should play an instrument”.

Again, there have been scientific research reports on what music does to us humans.

All the painful hours with “Gubben Noa” whistling from the recorder may have been worth it. Researchers at Northwestern University in the United States have discovered that the brain’s reaction rate is faster in people who play instruments at some point in their lives. Many experiences can be studied. A Swedish researcher claims that children that do music have a better “working memory”.

Welcome to take part in Immanuel Music School.