Here you can read more about projects around the world that Immanuel Church is a part of and make possible – through network, knowledge, and financial aid. 

N’djili, Congo-Kinshasa

  • Nutrition Project – Since the 1900s Immanuel Church’s sister church N’djili run a Nutrition Project aimed towards severely malnourished children from poverty-stricken regions. 
  • Ultrasound devices– For many years, the congregation in Kinshasa have prioritized the need for ultrasound devices for the health care center’s birthing unit. During 2018 it was finally made possible for Immanuel Church to provide two ultrasound units to N’djili. 
  • Water reservoir – The N’djuli congregation have recently built a very large water reservoir to prevent flooding on the church properties to make it possible for visitors to be able to get to the church without being soaked and to protect the church’s foundation during the rain periods. The water can then be used by the church and local families for washing and other needs they may have. 
  • Renovating of the health care center’s premises The health care center’s rooms, including birthing unit, etc., are very confined, worn out and in big need of a renovation to be able to function normally. The N’djili congregation have therefore completed a renovation project so that they, can, at least, attend to the most urgent renovation needs. 

HCC Panvel, India

  • Project Morba – Immanuel Church’s sister congregation in Panvel have built a Community Center in the village of Morba where they run child activities and offer women education within handcraft and health care. With the support of microloans many women have been able to start their own businesses within, for example, vegetable gardening and pet breeding with great results. The congregation in Panvel have also created a water pipe leading to the village. This makes it possible for the women of the village to have more time to participate in educational activities and girls are able to attend school, since they no longer need to help their mothers get water from far away, and in some cases, contaminated water supplies.
  • Pawara Tribe – Immanuel Church also contribute to HCC’s work amongst the very poor and disregarded people of the Pawara Tribe. 
  • New Church in Chopda (incl. Pawara Tribe) – Since the number of members in the congregation have increased during the past few years, the congregation have built a multi-functional church in Chopda. The new church was adopted in the end of 2020. 

Other missions

Some members of Immanuel Church are strongly committed to supporting other projects than the ones presented above. 

Myanmar Mission
The International Fellowship will be an extra offering which will go towards Myanmar Mission on Sunday, 30 May Click below to view the various projects for Myanmar Mission.