Vacancies in Immanuel Church

Today, we are about forty employees who, together with volunteers, work in a broad business for
all ages. Do you want to be part of our community?

A workplace where differences are acknowledged

Immanuel Church is located in central Stockholm and is a congregation with about 1400 members.
lmmanuel Church is a Christian community for people from all over the world. We are a congregation, but invite to worship in several languages ​​and in many forms and traditions.

We value diversity and want our church to be characterized by warmth, love and respect. We strive for an environment where children and young people develop, where people receive support, where faith grows. Here, everyone should be able to feel at home.
Immanuel Church is a workplace where every assignment and work effort aims to build the whole of the congregation. Each part can be unique, but the approach and the treatment are common; dignified, respectful and humble.

The diversity of the Immanuel Church must be recognized, accepted and respected in word and deed. We are vigilant against norms that could force others to assimilate and become equal.

In a church, there is naturally a mixture of people with different backgrounds, affiliations, skills, experiences, knowledge and personalities. So too among the staff. The differences must be acknowledged and given a place in the organization. The Immanuel Church should be a role model in society through our approach.

Do you share these values? Then we look forward to your application!