For Teens 

At Immanuel International, we seek to help young people find God and grow with God amidst the pressures and struggles of adolescent life. A committed team of staff and adult volunteers take an active interest in what is happening in the lives of our youth through spending time together. The end goal is to establish a solid Christian foundation in our young people's lives that will sustain them throughout their years. If you would like to know more please contact Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.

While the church is temporarily closed to our regular ministries and events, youth activities plan to meet in new ways. We have four things that will happen every week.

KOMPISCRAFT - Tuesdays at 18.30 • Thursdays at 18.30 •  Sundays at 14.00. "Kompiscraft" is a Minecraft community where we are building a new world together. We are in the fantasy land of Alanja and the city of Mirka. It's got a dangerous virus, what do we need to build Read this PDF about how it works. The text is first in Swedish and further down in the document it is in English. Here is a link to You Tube with a greeting and info from Maria Rönnedal about what we call Kompiscraft and about Mincraft. 

FREDA DEVOTION - Fridays 18.30.
We will have Friday devotions via Zoom every Friday at 18.30.
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You can download the Zoom app on your:
• Android (Zoom Android )
• iPhone (Zoom Apple)
• or Computer Zoom Computer (Online)

IK ZOOM ROOM - Wednesdays at 16.00.
Every Wednesday on the Zoom App for a time of fika, online games, and fun!. 

Click Here to join the IK Zoom Room.
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You can download the Zoom app on your:
• Android (Zoom Android )
• iPhone (Zoom Apple)
• or Computer Zoom Computer (Online)

SONGS FROM IMMANUEL - a group of songwriters who plan to meet over the Internet to continue the "Songs from Immanuel" project of writing new Worship Music based on Psalm.


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