Int Worship Service2Worship at Immanuel International

Immanuel International has one service held in English at 11.00 in the sanctuary on K1.

We consider our Worship Service to be the center of our life together. All of our services are in English.

One of the values in our core values is "to magnify the Lord in all we say and do as a Church, to offer our praise and thanksgiving to God through worship and to live with the understanding that God is seeking to be revealed in and through us."  The Sunday worship service is a time where we worship God through music, prayers, the reading of scripture and fellowship with others.

In our Worship Service we blend traditional and contemporary music, representing the global community that comprises our fellowship. The use of piano, guitars, bass, drums, saxophone and more creates a lively worship environment that seeks to engage the church community through a wide range of musical styles.

Sunday School for children 2-11 and for teens 12-14 is held every week. Children begin the service with their parents and after participating in "Children's Corner", a children's lesson during the Worship Service, they depart for Sunday School.

After the Worship Service we invite everyone to spend some time together while
enjoying some delicious fika.

Please come join Us!