Stephen James 72dpi wThe Church of Immanuel Church in Stockholm held its annual meeting this weekend, Sunday 22 April. The new chairman was appointed Stephen James, 51 years and member since 1997.

Stephen has been the board's vice chairman in recent years and has a deep commitment to the entire assembly. He has his worship community in the international part of the congregation. Stephen has until now also served as Chairman of the Board's Staff Committee.

As for the way forward, Stephen lifts up the four priority areas the congregation has and the importance of working in teams.

Stephen came to Stockholm to work as a researcher in biochemistry. He is now a research director at a pharmaceutical company and lives with his family in Kälvesta in western Stockholm.

Stephen succeeds Marco Helles, who chaired for three years and with twelve years in total in the Board.

Newly elected members are: Emma Darelid, Roelof Hansman, Claes Jonsson and Ingrid Östlund.