Staff changes

Two of our long-term colleagues and friends will leave their respective jobs this spring.
Leif Björk has been a janitor at Immanuel church since 1982. He will soon be 66 and has decided to retire. He will leave his job at the end of February but we will continue to see him in church as a volunteer. Leif is the true image of a faithful servant who has performed his duties with dedication and accuracy.
Thank you Leif for all your years as an employee!
Anette Engkvist, our Head of Administration since 2004, will leave her job in connection with the Annual meeting in April. Anette has kept our finances and our human resources in order and has been extremely supportive, not least for the personnel group. For the congregation she is known and appreciated for her financial presentations in connection with our Annual meetings, etc. Last summer Anette had a stroke, but has recovered in an amazing way and is now working 75%, but will be working full-time in March, as it seems now. Anette will eventually move south to be closer to her family in the Jönköping area.
Thank you very much Anette for your efforts, your accuracy with the numbers and your care for many.
The caretaker question we will solve by Christoffer Byström working half-time and by making some changes to the existing staff. The position as Head of Administration will be advertised during February.