Super Sunday

Supersöndag / SuperSunday in Immanuel Church is for you between 8–13 years and it is on swedish. We play Minecraft and table role-playing games.

Digital Super Sunday with table role-playing games in Minecraft from your own computers at home.

You need access to Minecraft java edition on computer and you need discord. We play role-playing games with our characters, but the world is built on our realm Kompiscraft in Minecraft.

We will play the adventures ”Circus Maximus”, ”Escape from Rome” and ”The night of Jesters”! Newly written adventures.

Date: January 30, February 6, February 20, at 12.30–14.30

Children’s Sunday at the Immanuel Church.

We continue with table role playing games and Minecraft. We meet in the Immanuel Church. But it is also possible to participate from your computer at home.

The group plays table role-playing games and take part in exciting adventures. We use dice and characters. The game leader takes the action forward and everyone is involved and act with their characters. Sometime you enter the world in Minecraft and solve missions and tasks. Another time we only play in Minecraft. Feel free to bring your own computer if you have one. There are some loan computers in the church.

Date: March 20, April 10, May 22 at. 12.30–14.30

– There is a great expectation in the air. People have come from far and wide to see the great famous circus outside Rome. Acrobats swing in high trapezoids high up under the high circus roof. But other things also happen. A small abandoned child has been found in a basket under a bridge. Now he has grown up to be a teenager but who is he really? Both the circus people and the dangerous enemies Castor and Vespasius want to know. At the campfire, a low-pitched melody begins to play. It is a song you have never heard before that is about oppression and suffering and about the dream of a leader who will one day come and liberate them. At the same time, Jesus begins his activity in Palestine. He wanders around village after village. It is said that those who are alone will be seen, a stranger can become a friend.

If you want to join, get in touch with Maria Rönnedal.