Our services are characterised by simplicity, creativity and commonality.

Communion is part of the service every Sunday. Sometimes we break our pattern, for example to invite a guest for an exciting conversation.

Our fellowship has room for both faith and doubt and we want people of different backgrounds to feel at home.

After Easter, Immanuel 153 enters a new theme for spring:
To Live Alive. What does Jesus have in common with Yales University’s most popular course ever? Based on advice from the university course on well-being, we gather around the theme of living alive. 

Welcome to this spring’s eight concluding Sunday talks. We continue to adapt our operations to current guidelines, and plan the following arrangements during spring and summer 2021:

The Sunday talk continues to be broadcast every Sunday during April and May, on instagram @immanuel153

Music from the couch continues to be broadcast on Wednesdays to the mittle of June, on instagram @immanuel153

Sunday hikes continue to be organized during April and May. Information about the meeting place and responsible leader will be announced during the week before each hike, on instagram and facebook, keep an eye out!

NOTE! The guideline to gather a maximum of 8 people applies both indoors and outdoors. Hikes and gatherings are therefore divided into groups of 8 people. Every Monday you can receive an SMS with bible text or prayer. Register your name and telephone number to robin.taubert@immanuelskyrkan.se. We will return with information about June-August a little further on.

Warm regards / Charlotte Höglund and Esther Kazen