Worship Service in Swedish

Sundays at 16.00

What is a good life?

Spring 2022

Our services are characterized by simplicity, creativity and everydayness. Our community contains both faith and doubt and we want different people to feel at home.

We celebrate worship with communion on Sundays at 16.00 (with the exception of a number of Sundays, see calendar). We follow current guidelines and restrictions for gathering in safe forms.

During the spring, the services are about the following themes:

Living sustainably (January 16–February 27)

We start the spring with a theme of living sustainably. We take help from the pilgrim’s watchword, which in many ways is a scarce commodity in our time: freedom, simplicity, silence, carefreeness, slowness, and sharing.

The pastor Hans Erik Lindström writes: “They remind us of our longing for more freedom in an over-compressed life situation, more simplicity in an over-consumerist culture, more silence in a life characterized by image and sound noise, a dose of carefreeness where the puzzle of life devours so much of our energy, more slowness in a time of speed and stress, more spirituality in a body-fixed existence and with more sharing in an era of self-realization and surface contacts ”.

Fasting with Marie Kondo: What sparks joy?
(March 13–April 10)

Fasting is a good time to stop and reflect, a good time to clear up the mess. This year we borrow Marie Kondo’s method of organization, but use it to look inward into our lives. We talk about the art of stopping, about daring to let go, about finding the right place, and using joy as a compass.

The book of Psalms – Prayers We Need (May 8–May 22)

The Old Testament contains the Bible book of Psalms, which is full of prayers and songs. Among them we can find all sorts of emotions, from the finest and brightest to the ugliest and darkest. Everything fits into prayer – there is nothing that does not fit into the relationship with God.

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Warm greetings / Charlotte Höglund and Esther Kazen