Sundays at 16.00

Service in Swedish

Fall 2021

Our services are characterized by simplicity, creativity and everydayness. Our community contains both faith and doubt and we want different people to feel at home.

We celebrate worship with communion on Sundays at 16.00 (with the exception of a number of Sundays, see calendar). The church is open to up to 300 visitors (in designated seats). We follow current restrictions and reserve the right to make any changes.

During the autumn, the services are about the following themes:

COMING HOME AGAIN (Sep 5 – Oct 24)

Times of change can make us feel both resistance and longing. During the first weeks of autumn, we read Nehemiah’s book, a biblical story about coming home again after a long period of absence. Maybe we can reflect in Nehemiah and the city with broken walls when we ourselves slowly return to what we longed for during the pandemic. The return contains both joy and disappointment, resistance and longing. How do we rebuild what is broken and make it flourish again? We examine this in the semester’s first theme: Coming home again.

OPEN CHURCH (31 Oct – 21 Nov)

It has felt strange to say that the church is closed, it is as if in a church’s nature to be open. Despite the fact that the church’s doors were mostly closed during the pandemic, the church has at the same time opened more digital doors, which in some cases may have made the church more open than ever. What has the closed time done to us, what does an open church really mean, and what is our longing for the open church going forward? We examine this in the semester’s second theme: Open Church.

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Feel free to note the following dates in the calendar right now, save the date! NOTE! Some changes since previous info.

Sunday September 5: Start-up service at 16.00 We gather after the summer and will hopefully meet many.

Sunday September 26: Especially for you who are new to the city! Service at 16.00 with mingling and information afterwards.

Saturday, October 2: Community Day in Immanuel Church!
NOTE! We do not go to Gålögården because we do not think it is wise based on the current infection situation.

Warm greetings / Charlotte Höglund and Esther Kazen