History and Background

Gunno Södersten started the music school in 1961 and had two conscious lines in the business. One was to give people the opportunity to improve playing piano and organ.

The other was to do large public music collections, sometimes pure concerts, sometimes large lectures about a musical era or a composer’s portrait. The music school has in recent decades developed into a more educational activity. Here, the toddlers have also received their own music group in the form of infant music and rhythm.

In Immanuel Church it was early considered that music has an obvious and significant role in worship life. We see music and singing as one of the most important parts of our liturgy. Therefore, the music school has focused on several instruments in addition to organ and piano.

Those interested in music have been drawn to our congregation. In this environment, contacts have been made that have led to more music not only in the services but also in the form of gospel concerts and chamber music series. Music is community, experiences, and feelings that we all need.

Welcome to take part in Immanuel Music School!