Baby rhythmics

Even before birth, the baby learns to recognize music and sound. The children live the music with body and all senses.

There are qualities in the music that have a unique significance for the child’s development. The music reaches the child in a way that seems completely obvious, it goes “straight in”. It is as if the child thinks that “this is my own language.”

Singing and music in the Baby Rhythm groups mean calm closeness in a lullaby, breathtaking flight in a mischievous dance, concentrated attention when the little finger rats arrive, kill-in-the-stomach as a fun final hug, delight in making sound on the tambourine yourself, room perception then parents and children dancing.

Welcome to our groups in baby rhythmics!

Come and sing, dance, recite and play with your child! Experience the joy of music, and get a small repertoire to use at home!

We meet ten (10) Thursdays during the semester, starting 15th of September.
Coffee time afterwards. Child rhythm leader is Maria Olsson Hedtjärn.

Children 0–9 months Thursday10.00- 10.45
Children 9–18 months Thursday 11.00- 11.45

Maximum 12 children per group.