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K1 – Express Yourself

Express Yourself is a confirmation in the Immanuel Church where you get the opportunity to explore the Christian faith with creative expressions, conversations and challenges. You get to know new people, go to camp and try different activities. The confirmation starts in January and ends in September.

The key word for K1 is community, and we focus a lot on doing things together in a group. We work with music, dance, art, sports, role play, joint creations etc. You choose according to your own interest, no previous knowledge is required.

A central part of the confirmation is the summer camp at Camp Holsby which offers canoeing, high altitude track, various sports activities and other adventures.

Everyone is welcome – whether you believe in God or not, whether you are baptized or not.

Cost: SEK 2,500. Camps and food are included in this cost.

We always offer sponsorship. No one should have to forgo the confirmation for financial reasons.

Contact person: Fredrik Jonsson

Other congregations have the opportunity to join Express Yourself. Contact your local pastor for info.

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Dates K1, 2023

Express Yourself – Konfa Immanuel 2023 moved to 2024

17–22 June at Camp Holsby, Holsbybrunn

Express Yourself Café & Confirmation Celebration
9–10 Sep in Immanuel Church

We will meet in Immanuel Church a couple of weekends during January–May to explore and learn more about different themes (Saturdays) and celebrate Sunday Services (Sundays). More information about these dates will follow during the autumn.

Sign up here :

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Our themes

Jesus is a central part of the teaching and the starting point for all meetings and themes.

Is it reasonable to believe? Why Christian?
What is the Bible? And how is it structured?
What is prayer? How to pray? Different ways to pray.
What is a Worship Service? How is it structured? We are building a service. Plans and conducts a service.
You, me & God. Human value and the relationship with God.
Feast of the Feast. Communion.
Hope. Why is Easter important?
Who needs me? Diakonia and the Church’s mission

What is the church?
What is baptism?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Our Father

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Express Yourself – Konfa Immanuel wants to be a safe place that values diversity and is characterized by warmth, love and respect. We think that differences are an asset and an opportunity. We want the confirmation to be a place where you feel that:“This is where I belong – whoever I am, wherever I come from.” Everyone is welcome here.

Our teaching and values are based on the Immanuel Church’s vision and approach. (länk)

“We are united in a belief in Jesus but have no categorical answers to theology, spirituality and biblical views. We value that everyone is unique and wants to offer a culture of respect and trust in the way they interpret, seek and express the Christian faith. ”

“We want to show respect for diversity in all our contexts. It permeates our views on piety, theology, language, church views, marriage, sexuality, music, youth work, and much more in worship and activity. ”