Book circles

Our warmest welcome to join one of our  book circles. We select exciting books for you to choose from and we hope for many good conversations about faith and life.

    Discover life through books

    Sign up for a book circle this fall! Together we meet to talk about faith and life based on the book we are reading.

    The groups will meet physically if possible, but this might change based on restrictions and regulations due to Covid-19. The book circle will be held in Swedish. Before the first meeting you are responsible for getting your own copy of the book. You do not have to call yourself a christian or be a regular church-goer to be part of the circle, all who are interested are welcome!


    Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown

    We often believe that vulnerability means weakness, but what if it in fact is a strängt and a source of power. Sociologist Brené Brown means that when we don’t show who we really are, we create distance between us and the people, emotions and events that give our lives meaning and direction. She challenges us to meet vulnerability in a different way, and invites us to step forward and let others see us, even when there are no guarantees. That is vulnerability, that is courage.

    Bréne Brown sociologist and professor of social work, author and lecturer. She has helped millions of people to think about vulnerability and shame-resiliance, as keys to a happy and real life. Her lecture on ”The Power of Vulnerability” is one of the worlds mostly watched TED-talks.


    Leaders: Sara Thorstensson och Ida Karlsson
    Time: Sundays 14.00–15.30

    19 September
    3 October
    17 October
    31 October
    14 November

    Last day to register: 14 September


    “Jack” by Marilynne Robinson

    Marilynne Robinson is one of the great American novelists of today, and she is often named in relation to the Nobel prize. Her novels about the town Gilead has taken both critics and readers by storm, and in Sweden the books have been read by tens of thousands.

    In the novel Jack Robinson is returning to the world of her books Gilead, Lila and Home. This time she focuses on Jack Boughton and his meeting with the priest daughter Della Miles. Their relationship is doomed from the start for several reasons: the racial laws of the south is on, and Jack’s character is another. Still it seems to keep growing.


    Leaders: Lina Mattebo and Jaanus Teose
    Time: Tuesdays 18:30–20:00

    5 October
    19 October
    2 november
    16 november
    30 november

    Last day to register: 30 september

    The book circles are arranged in collaboration with Bilda.