Explore Faith

Are you curious about the christian faith or are you longing to deepen the faith you already have? At Immanuel Church there are different ways to explore your faith in stillness or in conversation with others.


Are you at a crossroads in life and have many questions on your mind, or are you longing for quietness and an opportunity to turn off your cell phone?

Then we recommend a retreat. Twice a year, Immanuel Church organizes a quiet retreat where you can withdraw from the hustle and bustle of life. Together with others, you will spend time meditating on Bible texts, being in prayer, and listening to the voice of God in your life.

Welcome to an open conversation

We read a story from the Bible and talk about life and about faith from our own perspectives. An open and unpretentious forum with room for both faith and doubt for those who want to immerse themselves in Bible stories and think together with others. Conversations are held in Swedish and take place in both larger and smaller groups.

Faith and Light

A Christian fellowship for people with an intellectual disability, their families and friends.

Small Groups

We are not only a church on Sundays. Throughout the week, we gather in small groups to explore questions of faith together. Browse the list below to find your small group fellowship!