Digital funeral Stockholm

Digital funeral Stockholm

Digital funeral Stockholm has today become a new way of saying goodbye to loved ones who have passed away. Because of Covid-19, many families in most parts of the world have been unable to hold memorial services or even attend a funeral service for a loved one who has died. Fortunately, it has turned out that it can be an amazingly beautiful experience with a digital funeral in Stockholm. Families who have relatives who live far away can participate online and still feel connected. To be able to mourn together and say goodbye is an important part of the process and that opportunity now exists despite prevailing circumstances via a digital funeral in Stockholm. What is required to be able to participate in a digital funeral in Stockholm is the opportunity to have internet and a computer, tablet or a mobile phone with access to the internet.

Digital funeral Stockholm at Immanuel Church

CONTACT US if you want to know more about how we can help you with a digital funeral in Stockholm. If you want, you can hear and see one of our services on YouTube.

Whether death occurs unexpectedly or is expected, the death of a loved one has a profound effect on life. Because the mourning process takes on different expressions. Also, it goes through different phases. During this time of sorrow, Immanuel Church provides a place of comfort, support, and hope.

You are welcome to visit our funeral service. For example, our pastors are available if you want to plan a funeral. This way, you can plan a proper farewell. Likewise, our pastors and deacons are available if you need someone to talk to about life and death.

Immanuel Church is a Christian congregation in central Stockholm. Also, we are part of the Uniting Church in Sweden. Furthermore, we gather on Sundays for four different services in three different languages: English, Korean and Swedish. Throughout the week, the church is filled with gatherings and events.