Children's activities Stockholm

Children’s activities Stockholm

We have really fun children’s activities in Stockholm! With us, your child, who is between 8-13 years old, can play the “Role-playing adventure” where they themselves, with the help of dice, play out what qualities their character should have and later play in the adventure itself! We have more children’s activities in Stockholm! Does your child prefer to play with a computer? We play Minecraft “Kompiscraft” and build an exciting world.

Children’s activities Stockholm at Immanuel Church

Join our “Creator Sunday” where the children get to know the stories in the Bible through music and their own creation. We also offer theater where we meet a few times a year and have a performance before Easter or Christmas.

Or why not take part in the “Dream Project” where children in grades 3-6 learn the value model that has a preventive effect against drugs and peer pressure.

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We are a Christian congregation in downtown Stockholm and part of the Uniting Church in Sweden. On Sundays, we gather for worship in four different services and three different languages: English, Korean and Swedish. Throughout the week, the church is filled with small group gatherings and events.

More about and our children’s activities Stockholm and our drama activities

Our Vision

We all sing and talk about Jesus but express it in different ways.

Our Faith

Everyone can seek a personal connection with a living God.


Immanuelskyrkan is a non-profit organisation where the Annual Meeting is the highest decision maker.


Immanuel Church cooperates with local organizations such as Ny Gemenskap to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our city.

Through the international work of our denomination and via our sister churches in Congo-Kinshasa and India, we also support diaconal care in other parts of the world.

Supporting one another is part of our mission as a church.