“Konfa” with extra support

Konfa med extra stöd

Konfa with extra support

Express Yourself – Konfa with extra support is a confirmation for you with functional variation, for you who use signs as support or for you who need a safe group.

Konfa with extra support is part of Immanuel Church’s existing confirmation Express Yourself – Konfa Immanuel where you get the opportunity to explore Christian faith with creative expressions, with and without words. We work with music, images, sports, gaming, joint creation, drama, etc. You choose according to your own interests. No previous knowledge required.

Express Yourself – Konfa with extra support wants to be a place for you who go to primary school, resource school, or special school. Both young people with and without the need for special support are welcome!

Everyone is welcome – whether you believe in God or not, whether you are baptized or not.

Cost: SEK 2,500. Camp and food are included in this cost.

We always offer sponsorship. No one should have to forgo confirmation for financial reasons.

Temp contact person: Ellen Ågren

Other congregations have the opportunity to join Express Yourself. Contact your local pastor for info.