Reports from the Board

Immanuelskyrkans församlingsmöte

Report from the Board, October 21,2021

The board’s work going forward Greger Hjelm was elected new chairman of the Board at the annual meeting, October 3rd.He welcomed the new board by praying and reading from Col.

Report from the Board 2 September 2021

Senior Pastor Ulla-Marie Gunners’ report:   A lot of positive activities have taken place during the summer, even though the church has been closed. The opening of the church has

Report from the Board 17 June, 2021

Fredrik Jonsson, who is responsible for the Confirmation Program joined for the beginning of the meeting. Fredrik reported on how this years’ Confirmation Program had taken place and what the

Report from the Board 27 May 2021

Another digital board meeting, a little meager in that way, but with a cold and rainy day like today it’s nice to be able to sit in the warmth of

Report from the board 16 March, 2021

Annual report 2020 The auditor of Immanuel Church’s group of companies, Martin Nääs, participated in this board meeting. He reported the results of the auditors’ work. They had no significant

Report from the Board 21 January 2021

What do the staff do during the pandemic?  Ulla Marie Gunner stated that there is a concern in the congregation about the activities and that there is a need to

Report from the Board December 10th 2020

Report on pandemic situationThe lead pastor presented for the board the current situation in the church and how the staff is doing and is perceiving the pandemic. It is hard

Report from the board October 22, 2020

The board elected by the Immanuel Church’s Annual Meeting met at the first real board meeting since the constitutive meeting in direct connection to the Annual Meeting.  The discussions were

Report from the board September 23, 2020

2. Approval of the agendaThe board approved the present agenda with the comment that the meeting will begin with the report points. 3. Minutes of previous meeting, August 25, 2020The