In focus

Theme nights

Theme nights with three guests

In eleven minutes each, they share their perspective on the evening’s topic. Wednesday March 22 at 18Theme: Money Inflation, repo rate and business cycle. What does that even mean? How

Spring 23

Spring 23 is for you between 16-20 years. We will see each other on Sundays 13.00-15.30 and will have teaching, fun activities, sports, music, hanging out, games etc, (Drop in

Now the Lunch Music starts spring 2023

13/2 • Baroque organ soundsAt the organ: Björn Gäfvert 20/2 • Our beloved hymnsRebecka Gustafsson, vocalsBjörn Gäfvert, piano 27/2 • Music for joyJan Holmgren, oboe/English hornAlwar Almkvisth, organ/piano 6/3 •

Welcome to Roder!

Roder is a course for you who want to talk with others in a small group where security prevails and important conversations are held during seven evening meetings and a

Immanuel Church is looking for two pastors

The two vacant positions are • Lead Pastor •Pastor with focus on young people Immanuel Church has approximately 1400 members, and it is a part of Equmeniakyrkan/Uniting Church in Sweden.

New Years Eve Worship

December 31 at 16:00 – 17:00 New Years Eve Worship Participating: Jacob Molander, Rebecka Gustafsson, Agneta Selander Notice! There is no serving of church Coffee today.