Spring 23

Spring 23 is for you between 16-20 years. We will see each other on Sundays 13.00-15.30 and will have teaching, fun activities, sports, music, hanging out, games etc, (Drop in

Now the Lunch Music starts spring 2023

13/2 • Baroque organ soundsAt the organ: Björn Gäfvert 20/2 • Our beloved hymnsRebecka Gustafsson, vocalsBjörn Gäfvert, piano 27/2 • Music for joyJan Holmgren, oboe/English hornAlwar Almkvisth, organ/piano 6/3 •

Minutes from Congregational meeting 18 December 2022

Present:        Approx. 95 members Interpreter: Marco Helles § 1                 Introduction The chairman, Greger Hjelm, welcomed those present at the Congregational meeting. He then offered a prayer for the

Advent Christmas & New Year program 22/23

Sunday November 27, 1 Advent at 11 a.m. Service in Swedish with Soul Children, Instrumentalists, Immanuel Nova and Vox Immanuel. Don’t be afraid, God has chosen you. at 11.00 Worship

Minutes from the Congregational meeting 4 December 2022

Present: Approximately 140 members Interpreters: Marco Helles, Paulina Fröling § 1 Introduction and opening of the meeting The chairman, Greger Hjelm, welcomed those present and especially pastor Carin Dernulf to

Minutes from Congregational meeting 13 November 2022

Present: Approximately 105 members Interpreter: Marco Helles   § 1 Introduction and opening of the meeting The Chairman, Greger Hjelm, welcomed those present to the congregational meeting and declared the meeting

A christmas gift that makes a difference

We will continue this year with the gift certificates (gåvobevis). These gift certificates will be used to support our International projects. Last year the gift certificates raised more than 100.000

Report from the Board, 17 Nov 2022

The board gathered in the church premises for one of the last board meetings of the year. The meeting began with the board reflecting on the chapter Unity in the

Flute Concert December 15

In the chapel at 18.00The music school’s flute students spread the Christmas spirit.Welcome!