Lunch Concert

J.S. Bach: Flute Sonate. Olle Torssander, traversflute. Björn Gäfvert, Harpsichord.  

Worship in swedish 11:00

Midfast Sunday The bread of Life. Sermon: Per Westblom Worship leader: Ulla Marie Gunner. Organ: Björn Gäfvert

Worship in English

  4th Sunday in Lent Theme: The bread of life Bible text: John 6:48-59 Preaching: Pastor Anna Berndes

Worship in Swedish 16.00

Service with Communion The way to the heart goes through the stomach – What the Holy communion means to us Theme: The Communion brings out the best of me as a human being. Predikan: Charlotte Höglund.

Lunch Concert

Pathetique. Piano: Bengt Eklund.

Concert A tribute to Joni Mitchell

A tribute to Joni Mitchell Immanuelskyrkans tonårskör sings music by the well known musician Joni Mitchell Robin Taubert, piano Jonatan Lundin, base Jonatan Lindh, drums Agnes Grahn, choir leader Agnes Grahn conducting TONÅRSKÖREN. Welcome!


FREDA is Stockholm’s finest youth event for those who are 13 years and up. We meet every other Friday at 18.30–21.30. We start the evening with fika followed by activities and devotion FREDA wants to be a safe place in the middle of town where you as a teenager can meet new friends, have fun, […]

Retreat day in Immanuel

Spirituality Retreat Are you at a crossroads in life and have many questions on your mind, or are you longing for quietness and an opportunity to turn off your cell phone? Then we recommend a retreat. Twice a year, Immanuel Church organizes a quiet retreat where you can withdraw from the hustle and bustle of […]