Lunch Concert

J.S. Bach: Flute Sonate. Olle Torssander, traversflute. Björn Gäfvert, Harpsichord.  

Worship in swedish 11:00

Midfast Sunday The bread of Life. Sermon: Per Westblom Worship leader: Ulla Marie Gunner. Organ: Björn Gäfvert

Worship in English

  4th Sunday in Lent Theme: The bread of life Bible text: John 6:48-59 Preaching: Pastor Anna Berndes

Worship in Swedish 16.00

Service with Communion The way to the heart goes through the stomach – What the Holy communion means to us Theme: The Communion brings out the best of me as […]

Lunch Concert

Pathetique. Piano: Bengt Eklund.

Concert A tribute to Joni Mitchell

A tribute to Joni Mitchell Immanuelskyrkans tonårskör sings music by the well known musician Joni Mitchell Robin Taubert, piano Jonatan Lundin, base Jonatan Lindh, drums Agnes Grahn, choir leader Agnes […]


FREDA is Stockholm’s finest youth event for those who are 13 years and up. We meet every other Friday at 18.30–21.30. We start the evening with fika followed by activities […]

Retreat day in Immanuel

Spirituality Retreat Are you at a crossroads in life and have many questions on your mind, or are you longing for quietness and an opportunity to turn off your cell […]

Worship in swedish 11:00

Virgin Mary Annunciation Day God's mighty work Worship leader: Erik Amnå. Sermon: Anna Berndes. Music: Alwar Almqvist. Congregational meeting at 13.00  

Worship in English

Annunciation to Mary Theme: The mighty works of God Bible text: Luke 1:26-38 Preaching: Ruby Bleppony