Worship in swedish 16.00

Do not be afraid.. God leads you Preacher: Jacob Molander Music: Victor Bodell  

Childrens Sunday with “Lucia performance”

3rd of Advent Prepare the way for the Lord! 10.00 Sport games in sporthall and creative activities on "kyrktorget". 11.00 Children friendly service with lucia performance. Kompiskören, Agnes Grahn, Robin Taubert, Esther Kazen, Sonja Berge 11.45 Lunch & Church Coffee.  

Worship in English

Theme: John the Baptist as our role model Preaching: Pastor Christina Molin

Service with Communion

4th of Advent The mother of God Worship leader: Esther Kazen Sermon: Christina Molin. Music: Björn Gäfvert Collection for The international work within Equmenia Church Church coffee after the service Welcome!  

Worship in English

Children's Christmas Play service at 11.00.

Worship in swedish 16.00

Do not be afraid.. you are a part of Gods story. Sermon: Charlotte Höglund. Music: Sebastian Mattebo.

Christmas music by the crib

Christmas Eve Christmas music by the crib Music Service in Swedish Together we celebrates Christmas Eve with songs and music. Children as well as adults, singing and playing instruments together. Conducter: Peter Eriksson  Notice! No church coffee Participates: Esther Kazen, Peter Eriksson, Björn Gäfvert and others

Worship in English

Theme: Come as you are! Preaching: Brenda Taylor Text: Luke 2:8-20

Christmas Day Concert

"The message of Christmas in words and music". Björn Gäfvert, organ and piano Anna Berndes, reading and sermon