Worship in swedish 11:00

The 14th sunday after Trinity. Marco Helles, Sermon. Robin Taubert, organ. Vox Immanuel participates.  

Lecture on Existential health

In connection with the lecture, it is possible to register an interest in participating in a discussion group on the subject. Speaker: Ann-Britt Lindholm. I samarbete med studieförbundet bilda.

Startup service for 153!

Theme: "To come home again.. to the breakage". Charlotte Höglund, pastor. Robin Taubert with band.

Service in swedish

Start up sercice for Immanuel 153 Theme: ”To come home again....to the breakage". Charlotte Höglund, pastor. Robin Taubert with band.   Vi följer rådande restriktioner för max antal deltagare.