Childrens Sunday

Welcome to Children’s Sunday in the spring of 2022! You get to take part in a child-friendly service followed by a light lunch and fun activities. Sometimes we also have […]

Barnens Söndag

A Child friendly Service with the theme: Friendship Music: "Kompiskören", The school of music, Björn Gäfvert Pastor: Esther Kazen After the service, we say thanks to Deacon Anders Segersson. OBS! […]

Worship in English

Theme: Are you going in the right direction? Preaching: Steven Downey Text: Isaiah 55:1-7, Luke 13:1-9

Worship in swedish 16.00

Fast with Marie Kondo: What sparks Joy? Theme: The Art of stopping. Preacher: Charlotte Höglund. Music: My & Isabel

Concert with Immanuel Nova

"Söderman och Schnittkes Andliga sånger" Immanuel Nova Rebecka Gustafsson, Conducter Björn Gäfvert, organ