Report from the Board meeting 22 January 2015

Not many decisions were taken at the meeting, but there are two important matters to report: The securities portfolio of the church After the decision to terminate the promissory note

Report from the congregational meeting 17 September 2014

Minutes from the Congregational meeting in Immanuel church, 17 September 2014 Chairman: Dan Svanell Secretary: Eva Ottosson Minute reviewers: Monica Basilier Braennstroem and Thure Thorgren Present: 55 members § 1

Report from the Board meeting 22 May, 2014

The Board started work on planning the church’s overall ministry for 2015. This process will continue within the Board, the various ministry councils, and among the staff and church members

Report from the Board meeting 24 April, 2014

New Board members The meeting began with a short presentation of each board member, since Tove Janarv and Johan Sahlén, were newly elected at the Annual meeting. Underway The Board

Report from the board March 6th, 2014

After the last board meeting before the annual meeting, we can report that: • The Immanuel group reports a profit of 18.9 million kronor for 2013. This can be compared

Report from the Board, February 20th, 2014

During the Congregational meeting on January 24th, it was decided that the Board should appoint a working group to continue work on the question of how the church square should