The Café is looking for volunteers and/or hourly employees

The Café plays a vital role in Immanuelskyrkan. Conversations over a cup of coffee often become a bit longer and sometimes deeper. And meaningful!

  • For our choirs and ensembles, the coffee break is not just extra energy but also a time for social interaction.
  • Sometimes we arrange coffee, lunch, or evening snacks together with youth groups.
  • Some Fridays, we provide all refreshments for memorial services.
  • One day a week, we have an open church square, and the café is a central point in this.
  • During rentals, we sometimes arrange catering for participants in meetings and training sessions.
  • And then there’s church coffee, of course, who would want to be without it?

We are currently in a situation where we need more volunteers. If you want to contribute to the part of the congregation’s activities centered around the café, you are welcome to express your interest.

To ensure that we can always handle events where something edible is served, there is also the opportunity to get an hourly position in the kitchen. An hourly position means that you say yes or no when asked. The deadline for applying for an hourly position is May 31.

Contact Maria Eriksson or Åke Larsson if you are interested, and we can provide more information.