Try the Mini Retreat

On two dates this autumn

For whom: No prior knowledge. Something both for those who are new and old in the faith. Also for those who are curious about the Christian faith. We go into silence during the evening and turn off our mobiles.

Date 2 Thursdays this autumn: 3 October & 14 November at 5.30 pm

Registration: No later than one week before the start.

Location: Immanuel Church, Kungstensgatan 17. T-bana Rådmansgatan.

Spirituality Retreat

Retreat means to withdraw. In all ages, people have sought secluded places that provide the opportunity for rest and reflection, silence and prayer.

Regardless of whether you have been to a Christian retreat before or not, a few lines about the arrangement. It will be a quiet retreat while we are together. It can be a new experience for many. In the silence there is a structure where you can both be alone and think your own thoughts, and at the same time you are together during the meals and the beginning of the sessions.

In a culture where activity and efficiency are prized, we often forget the simple and obvious: human life is a commute between work and rest. In order to give, it is necessary to receive. Only the one who allows himself to be loved is able to love. In the retreat, we put work, almanac and ambitions aside. At the center is the conversation of the heart with God and myself. In the stillness, we allow something to happen in the depths of our lives.” (Quote: Retreatgården Bjärka Säby)