Cultur Café with Mikael Kurkiala, Mime Brinkmann & Björn Gäfvert

Welcome to Immanuel Church’s Culture Cafe on April 17, which opens at 6 p.m. for music, coffee and at 7 p.m. it’s time for the evening’s guest and conversation.

Mikael Kurkiala

With the two highly acclaimed books “When the soul goes into exile” and “Where the pendulum rests”, Mikael Kurkiala has become a much sought-after lecturer. Who is he then? Cultural anthropologist. PhD on Sioux Indians. Studied honor killings. Became a researcher and environmental observer at the church office in Uppsala in the Church of Sweden. “Graviated to existential questions. Became a full-time thinker” in his own words. He is particularly interested in the relationship between contemporary times, spirituality and the church. Mikael Kurkiala wonders what we do with what has been de-sacralized in society and how we enliven what should be enlivened.

Photo: Mikael M Johansson

Mime Brinkmann

Comes from Japan, lives in Stockholm and works internationally as both solo cellist and member of chamber ensembles such as La Petite Bande, Concerto Copenhagen and Bach Collegium Japan. She has received great recognition for her recording of all of Bach’s cello suites, both “tenderly tentative and baroque in rhetoric” according to Camilla Lundberg in DN. Mime Brinkmann also gives master classes and coaches orchestras at festivals around the world. She currently lives in Sweden, where she is a member of Drottningholm’s Baroque Ensemble and teaches baroque cello at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm

Photo: Reinhard Wilting

Björn Gäfvert

Björn Gäfvert is a recognized organist and harpsichordist with a solid education from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. His musical talent has led to collaborations with well-known ensembles and orchestras, including Drottningholm’s Baroque Ensemble, where he has been a permanent keyboard player since 1989 and has also held the role of chairman for several years. Furthermore, he is collaborating with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Radio Choir, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Musica Vitae and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, to name a few. Since autumn 2013, Björn has been the principal organist in Immanuel church, Stockholm. He has appeared as a soloist and participated in concerts across large parts of the world, and his recordings can be found on an impressive number of CDs.

Photo: Marco Helles