Christmas market 2023

Welcome to Christmas Market!

Saturday December 2 from 10am to 2.30pm

Immanuel Church’s annual Christmas market is held according to tradition the Saturday before Advent.

The Christmas market is Immanuel Church’s biggest source of income for the congregation’s mission and aid work. The Christmas market sells homemade frozen food, homemade bread, Korean food and Christmas flowers. In the flea market there are both exclusive and simple items to buy. There are also books as well as toys and children’s clothes. There are also a variety of lotteries for both adults and children. Another appreciated feature is buying dinner tickets (“Food and Talk”) for a meal at the home of hosts who are active in the church.

The cafe is open for serving throughout the Christmas market. Between 11.30 and 13.00, lunch is served downstairs.

There will also be musical elements during the day:

  • Immanuel Brass plays in connection with the opening of the Christmas market
    at 10 am.
  • Tuletrio offers a singing session at 11.00
  • Adolf Fredrik’s parents’ choir sings Christmas carols at 1 p.m

All proceeds from the Christmas market go to support projects in our sister churches in N’djili, Congo, and Panvel, India, as well as the Equmenia Church’s international work

Another way to contribute to the international projects that the Christmas market supports is to buy a Gift certificate (any amount). It can be a good gift to give as a Christmas present to someone else. Or you can wish for such a Christmas present from your relatives.You do this by swishing any amount to: 1234 57 81 42 and enter “Gift certificate” in the message line. Download your gift beneath.

Gift certificate

The gift vouchers will also be pre-printed on slightly finer paper with envelopes in Mission- & Bistånd’s stand at the Christmas market.

If you do not have the opportunity to print the gift certificate yourself, you can contact the church office, tel. 08 587 503 00 or, and you can receive a
pre printed gift certificate by post.

Do you want to help?

The Christmas market is based on many volunteers contributing by donating goods, donating money and doing practical work before and during the Christmas market. If you want to help, and have not yet registered, please contact: Sven Mannervik,, 070 797 5720 or Karin Mannervik,, 070 797 5838.