Report from the Board 24 August 2023

The first board meeting after the summer got off to an upbeat start. It was a great joy seeing each other again in this community. We started the meeting by talking about the short text on Shepherding in the Roadmap, pages 75-76, in the section on calling. See also

Security issues were discussed early in the meeting, partly due to the authorities’ assessment of an increased terrorist threat and also to the fact that, for example, the congregation had outdated locking systems or did not have appropriate security procedures in place. We received a good briefing on the security situation on the church premises by the facility manager Urban Smedman, who had a thorough review of the security situation done by a security company.

The board has received a motion regarding the document “Om Immanuelskyrkan / About Immanuel Church Congregation”. The board discussed how documents and motion can be handled in a responsible manner as well as in the short and long term. The board agreed that it should be made possible to further conversations at congregational meetings before the motion is considered in a formal sense.

Some items on the agenda were touched upon by the board in shorter briefings. For example, the board started the conversation about what the work with the upcoming ministry plan and budget should look like. Another question was what the agenda for the congregational meeting on September 17 should look like. An additional area for in-depth discussion was a handful of different types of staff-related issues, for example about an imminent recruitment of a pastor, among others, in the Korean worship group, the establishment of a new position for a  congregational coordinator, and the establishment of a policy regarding the handling of employment issues. Various reports were also given.

The Senior Pastor closed the meeting by giving the benediction.