Report from the Board 21 September 2023

The Senior Pastor Carin Dernulf opened the meeting with a reflection on “priorities” by urging us to embrace what is good. Blow where it glows!

Barbro, Peter, Inger and Greger reported on a meeting with the inner-city congregations where they had reasoned about the current situation and being a congregation in a big city. They mentioned that we share a catchment area but have slightly different and complementary profiles.

There was also a report from the church conference where the services were appreciated and also the way in which the decisions emerged through the so-called consensus method. There were no major or dramatic motions that were dealt with this year. Next year the conference will take place in Gothenburg.

Carin gave a report on how she is gradually trying to familiarize herself with the various congregational activities.

The financial report as of June 30 shows a deficit in terms of gifts and offerings. Since the personnel costs are lower as a result of a couple of vacancies and the equities have paid their dividends in the spring, the congregation’s finances still show a surplus, but it will probably level out in the autumn when not as much income comes from the financial assets. A reasoning around the importance of offering followed.

The changed security situation in the society also affects us as a congregation, and the board had access to proposals for measures drawn up by a security consultant . The board supports the staff’s continued clarification regarding the security situation in order to see the appropriate measures to implement.

Karin and Hans-Olof reported on the preparations for the ministry planning and the presentation that will take place at the congregational meeting in October. The councils of the various language groups must also be included in the process.

In order to move forward with the work on the motion for a music committee that came in at the annual meeting, Kristina Gustafsson has been given the task of gathering some stakeholders.

Upon request, the board opened up the opportunity for the congregational members to submit comments regarding the effect of the pandemic, but no one has yet written in the open question we asked. Reporting takes place at the next congregational meeting on October 15.

The staff committee reported on the staff situation, vacancies and positions.

Other reports

Johan and Greger have had a meeting with the Council for the Korean speaking group.

Greger and others have also met Anna, who is the new CEO of Hotell Birger Jarl.

We have a contact with EHS regarding possible collaborations. We have a good relationship with them and continue the dialogues with them.

The organization committee reported on their work on where they are concerning the  overview of statutes, etc.

Planning continues ahead of the upcoming congregational meeting on October 15, with, among other things, the appointment of an election committee.

The meeting ended with a joint prayer.