Report from the Board 19 January 2023

The Board started the meeting with a nice round up of what happened since the last board meeting, and then continued to deepen our conversations and studies of faith by discussing pages 41-45 of the Roadmap, with a section on “Share the faith further”, which this time it about how we share our faith with others. You can also read in the book Färdplan! 

Some of the questions that the board delved into were, for example, the future of the music school, the question on how we prepare for the anniversary year in 2024 when Immanuel Church turns 50 and experiences from the Rimbo Congregation.

The music school is suffering from an increasing deficit, both with and without the costs for the employment of a principal and administrative costs. At the same time, the long-term target picture from the board is that a zero result should be pursued. The student fees have been increased in 2022 to get a balance, but this has not yet achieved the desired results. This was discussed by the board. The Music School Committee will be involved to get their views on the future of the Music School.

In connection with the conversation regarding the anniversary year 2024, the board received a visit from Erik Amnå, who, on behalf of the board, has led a group in the congregation that has been working on a possible plan to prepare the anniversary year. The board discussed and commented on proposals for the coming months’ work, which Erik takes with him as guidance to the working group and staff group.

The newspaper Sändaren has written about the situation in the Rimbo Equmenia church in a few issues. It is a small congregation with about 20 members who recently had a congregational meeting about leaving the Uniting Church in Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan). The closing-down of congregations is usually regulated in the congregations’ statutes, but not when congregations want to leave the denomination Uniting Church in Sweden. The board discussed what this could mean for Immanuel Church in the long term.

Furthermore, the board deepened the discussion regarding the planning of the upcoming congregational meeting on January 22, 2023, as well as the annual meeting on April 23, 2023.

It was gratifying to note, among various reports, reports of a good atmosphere among the staff and that some feel as if the ministry activities are facing a new start.

Lunch in Community still serves 350 lunches in early January.