Report from the Board 11 May 2023

The board meeting began with Erik Amnå giving an account of the work surrounding the 50th anniversary which will take place in 2024. The board was positive about what was presented and gave the planning group through Erik the task of returning to the next board meeting with a proposal for a budget linked to the proposed activities.

The board continued with the reading of the Färdplan book and discussed the section “Holy Habits”. For those who are interested, the book can be read by visiting the Equmenia church’s website.

A longer discussion was then held regarding the outcome of the annual meeting. We were pleased to note a large turnout at the meeting, which was also characterized by high energy level. At the same time, the annual meeting took up too much time and there seems to be a need to deepen the knowledge about the democratic processes and how we make joint decisions. An educational effort may be necessary.

Furthermore, the chairman reminded all of previously made decisions about a renewed, more inclusive, way of working around the ministry plan and budget. The decision is to be implemented in the fall of 2023, and the ministry plan and the finance committees are given the main responsibility for this task.

There are many issues for the board to work on in the coming financial year, which were presented by the chairman. A huge list that included questions about organization, music activities, children’s and youth activities, the jubilee year and Immanuel Diakoni. A prioritization order will be presented at the next board meeting. The proposal of members to the various committees was then determined. It was also decided that the organization committee should change its name to the constitution committee and that the committees themselves decide who/whom they wish to co-opt.

Finally, the board decided to give a mandate to the Senior pastor and the staff committee to appoint a replacement for Ester Kazen, who is on parental leave during the fall.