Report from the Board 16 March 2023

The evening started with a presentation of the review of the annual report for 2023 by Martin Nääs, auditor at PwC. After a review of the annual report by Immanuel Church’s Chief of Administration Marianne Eriksson, the board decided to approve and sign it.

A section from the book “Roadmap” was discussed as usual at the board meetings. This time the topic was “To live together” after which the agenda was adopted.

The board discussed the document “About Immanuel Church” based on the conversations that had taken place at the congregational meeting. A new version of the document has now been produced. Furthermore, the Korean language group was discussed as well as the dialogues the chairman has had with some of its members. The questions among others, have been about the future of the group and the recruitment of a new pastor.

The Staff Committee (PU) reported on the recruitment process of a new lead pastor for the international group. The recruitment team has consisted of staff from the Administration, representatives of the international group and PU. After discussions held with a number of candidates, they finally wanted to propose Hugh Doyle as lead pastor. The board accepted the recruitment group’s proposal and decided to submit it to the congregational meeting for decision.

Marianne Eriksson gave an account of the refurbishments that are underway in the Waldenström Hall – mostly in the audio-visual department.

Part of the board meeting was devoted to the upcoming annual meeting. Proposals for answers to motions were presented and adopted, and the date for taking out the voter register was set. The program for the Sunday before the annual meeting was discussed during organized stations with the possibility to delve into topics such as finance, organization, board candidates and so on, as well as the report of the evaluation committee.

Another item on the agenda was the subsidiary company Probitas and IFAB (Immanuelskyrkans Förvaltning AB), where they discussed how the current boards function and possible changes.

Under the item “Reports”, Marianne explained that the Swedish group is in the middle of a change process and that it has been decided to hold one service on Sundays at 11.00. She also talked about some staff changes.

At the end of the meeting there were some short information points and quick decisions made: the Tegnergård Committee is being closed (it has not been active for a long time), representatives from the board to the Church Conference were elected, information on the closing of 153 with a closing service on 16 April. We also discussed the agenda and preparation for the congregational meeting on March 26.