Minutes of the congregational meeting 15 October 2023

§1 Introduction and opening of the meeting

The Chairman Greger Hjelm opened the congregational meeting, welcomed everyone and said a prayer for the meeting.

§2 Adoption of the agenda

The congregation approved the proposed agenda without any additions.

§3 Election of secretary

Alice Forss was elected as secretary for the meeting.

§4 Election of adjusters

Kerstin Mjönes and Karin Mannervik were selected as adjusters and tellers for the meeting. 

§5 Election of the election committee 

Anna-Carin P Stenbeck, chairperson of the nomination committee, presented the committee’s proposal to the election committee for the ministry plan for the year 2023/2024.

The international language group:
Esther Nyiramugisha
Vida Afua Attah
Ajay Younes

The Korean language group:
Chungsoon Yoon
One person is needed

The Swedish language group:
Karin Sandström (The Board)
Inga Johansson
One person is needed.

The congregational meeting decided in accordance with the proposal from the nomination committee.

§6 Discussion on the received motion regarding the document” About Immanuel Church”

The Chairman Greger Hjelm informed about the motion received by the board regarding the following paragraph in the document “About Immanuel Church”:

”Varje förtroendevald, ideell ledare och anställd i församlingen behöver 

acceptera den öppna hållningen kring de ställningstaganden som är gjorda 

och samverka med dem som står för församlingens uttalade hållningar, så 

att mångfald och respekt för olikheter i Kristus kan värnas.”


“Every elected official, voluntary leader, and employee in the congregation

needs to accept the open stances of the congregation that has been decided

upon and cooperate with those who stand for the congregations’ outspoken

positions, so that diversity and respect for differences in Christ can be 


The petitioners’ request is that the congregational meeting gives the board the task of:

  1. Removing this paragraph from the document.
  2. Informing the concerned parties of the changes.
  3. Ensuring that any additions with similar content should be anchored among the members before being added to the document.

A representative from the petitioners informed the congregational meeting about the content of the motion. The chairman of the board reported that the board already planned to replace the word “accept” with “respect” in the current paragraph of the document. The congregation then had the opportunity to ask questions to both the representative of the petitioners and the chairman.

The congregational meeting participants were then divided into smaller groups for conversations regarding two questions in relation to the paragraph in question:

1. How important are the congregation’s stated values ​​and decisions to you as a member?

2. What expectations can one have of our elected representatives, non-profit leaders and employees when it comes to respecting and being loyal to the congregation’s decisions and stated values?

The group leaders in each group reported briefly on the results of the discussions.

The congregational meeting then decided to vote on the petitioners’ proposal.

The congregation decided to reject the motion provided that the word “accept” is changed to “respect” in the paragraph in question, and thus add this document to the documents.

§7 Discussions regarding the upcoming ministry plan and budget

Marco Helles reported on the ongoing work with the upcoming ministry plan for 2024, and its preliminary content as well as the congregation’s already prioritized areas:

1. Diakonia, people in vulnerable areas

2. Children & teenagers, young adults and family

3. Volunteers and leadership

4. Increased fellowship between worship groups

He also informed about the timetable for the continued work on the ministry plan.

The Chief of Administration Marianne Eriksson presented the starting points for the upcoming budget, mainly the budgeted revenue for 2023 and the outcome for Jan-Aug 2023

Discussions were then carried out in groups regarding views and “additional thoughts” to the board ahead of the continued work with the ministry plan and budget.

§8 Report from the evaluation of the pandemic

Cecilia Mjönes gave a short report on the evaluation of the pandemic. As no evaluations have arrived in the mailbox created for the members for this purpose, the evaluation is therefore closed.

§9 Other matters

No other matters were raised.

§10 Conclusion

The chairman informed all that the next congregational meeting is on November 26, 2023, and then declared the meeting closed.

The Senior Pastor Carin Dernulf then led the congregation in a prayer. 

Alice Forss


Kerstin Mjönes Karin Mannervik Greger Hjelm

Adjuster      Adjuster Chairman