Minutes from Congregational Meeting 17 September 2023

§1 Introduction and opening of the meeting 

The Chairman Greger Hjelm opened the congregational meeting by welcoming everyone and offered a prayer before the meeting.

§2 Approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved.

§3 Election of secretary

Ingrid Östlund was elected as a secretary.

§4 Election of adjusters

John Davies and Bengt-Olov Tengmark were elected as adjusters.

§5 Farewell of Claes Jonsson

Claes Jonsson, who was absent at the annual meeting, was thanked for his time on the board.

§6 The Equmenia Church Conference 

Erik Amnå reported on the church conference which took place in 2023 partially digitally and partly physically on site in Helsingborg. He gave a report of the proceedings regarding the motions, the church board’s response to Immanuel Church’s representatives’ question regarding disturbing reports from ECC and talked about the solemn moment when Frida Frizon was ordained as deacon and Winnieross Olofsson as pastor. The following representatives: Evado Arfs, Hans-Olof Hagen, Anna Berndes Vida Afua Attah and Ester Nyiramugisha testified to strong impressions during the conference and Marco Helles presented in parallel his slide show from the conference.

§7 Temporary substitute chairman for the Swedish council

Anna-Carin Persson Stenbeck was elected on the nomination committee’s proposal to temporarily replace Marco Helles as chairman of the Swedish council while he works to provide support to the Senior Pastor.

§8 Chairman of the nomination committee

Anna-Carin Persson Stenbeck was elected to replace Marco Helles as chairman of the nomination committee.

§9 By-election of the diaconal committee

Kee-Sook Hahn was elected to serve on the Diaconal Committee.

§10 Process around the ministry plan and budget

Karin Pettersson, convener of the board’s operational committee, presented the prioritized areas in the ministry plan and the process plan established for the work with the ministry plan and budget in order to increase the congregation’s involvement and ability to influence. Particular focus will be put on the congregational meeting on October 15 and November 26. A decision will be made by the board in December. Decisions about the ministry plan will be confirmed by the congregation in the 2024 annual meeting.

§11 Information from the deacon group

Anna Berndes informed about the diaconal activities with special focus on the vulnerable. She mentioned that the number of guests at community lunches is increasing, and more volunteers are needed. What is new is that they want to follow up with Sunday breakfast in community before the service.

The deacon group is preparing a new future café on October 7.

§12 Other questions

A member raised the question of how the board is thinking about the Korean language community in view of Pastor Cho’s upcoming retirement.

The Chairman informed that Pastor Cho will end his service in February 2024 and that a recruitment process has been initiated. Talks have been held with the council in the Korean speaking group. The work is similar to the work done for pastors with a focus on the international group in terms of language requirements and with prioritizing candidates with work permits in the EU.

§13 Conclusion

The chairman ended the congregational meeting, and the Senior Pastor was asked to say the blessing.

Ingrid Östlund 



John Davies          Bengt-Olov Tengmark     Greger Hjelm

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