Now the Lunch Music starts spring 2023

13/2 • Baroque organ sounds
At the organ: Björn Gäfvert

20/2 Our beloved hymns
Rebecka Gustafsson, vocals
Björn Gäfvert, piano

27/2 Music for joy
Jan Holmgren, oboe/English horn
Alwar Almkvisth, organ/piano

6/3 Romance
At the organ: Björn Gäfvert

13/3 J. S. Bach: flute sonatas
Olle Torssander, transverse flute
Björn Gäfvert, harpsichord

20/3 Pathetique
At the wing: Bengt Eklund

27/3 On the wings of song
Songs by Schubert and Mendelssohn
Margareta Gäfvert, soprano
Björn Gäfvert, piano

3/4 Piazzolla vs. Stravinsky
Nils-Erik Sparf, violin
Matti Andersson, accordion

6/4 Organ music in Holy Week Note! Maundy Thursday At the organ: Björn Gäfvert at 12.00 No soup lunch in connection with the concert

After the concert, a soup lunch is available for purchase
(Soup bread, coffee and cake)

Warm welcome!