carin dernulf

Carin Dernulf will take over as new Senior Pastor on April 11

Carin is 45 years old and is an ordained pastor in the Uniting Church in Sweden. Since 2015, Carin has served as the general secretary of the children and youth organization in the Uniting Church in Sweden. Before that, she was, among other things, Senior Pastor of Centrumkyrkan in Sundbyberg for seven years, a congregation with about 700 members and similar to Immanuel Church, consists of several different language groups.

In addition to having studied theology, she is also  trained in Human Resources.

”I am passionate about making the Christian faith accessible to more people, and in seeing the great potential that the church can have in the times we now live in,” says Carin. She is passionate about preaching and working with worship services as well as with  worship development. She strongly believes in the cross-generational community that exists within the church and wants to take advantage of its power to build a church for both the present and the future.

Since 2014, Carin has preached at a large number of worship services on the National Radio of Sweden. She has co-authored several books, and participated in several different summer conferences such as Gullbrannafestivalen, Frizon, Torpkonferensen and Hönökonferensen.

Photo: Natanael Gindemo