3×11 MEAL

Tuesday September 26 at 18.00
1 theme, 3 perspectives, 11 minutes. Tonight’s theme: Meal

What is the significance of the meal in our lives? Has it changed over time? And why does Jesus so often dine with both friends and enemies?

Welcome to an evening in Immanuel with different perspectives on the meal. Come as you are after the exam, work or before going to bed and socialize and take new ideas home with you! Soup, sandwich and something extra is served in the church.

NOTE! This is held in Swedish

What is a 3×11 in Immanuel?
3×11 is an evening where we learn something new and socialize together. 1 theme, 3 perspectives, 11 minutes. Every time we eat together and listen to live music.
Luke 3:11, “He who has two shirts shall share with him who has none, and he who has bread shall do the same.”

The evening’s music is provided by Alma and Emmie.

Charlotta Rosdahl

The expert: The knowledge about the meal comes tonight from Charlotta Rosdahl, who is a senior consultant in market analysis of food and foodstuffs at Nielsen IQ. Charlotta has long combined thoughts about the importance of the meal with how it has sociologically and historically affected people. Charlotta will teach us expressions such as comfort food and tell us about the role of meals in our social contexts.

Charlotte Höglund

The theologian: Charlotte Höglund is a pastor at Immanuel Church, where she has many times created community through the meal. Charlotte will talk to us about Jesus and the fact that he often uses the meal as a method to meet people. Do we have anything to learn from him?

Linda Näkne and Unni Jonsson

The hosts: Linda Näkne and Unni Jonsson are the hosts behind the evening, who are responsible for the community-building element. In honor of the evening, food must of course be eaten; soup and sandwich and something extra, is on the menu. But Linda and Unni are also interested in your best recipes. Make sure to keep them up your sleeve, and we’ll share together!