Welcome to Roder

Roder is a course for you who want to talk with others in a small group where security prevails and important conversations are held during seven evening meetings and a follow-up meeting.  During the course you will have the opportunity to explore forces that control your life.

Roder addresses seven key life themes:

• My direction in life
• My inhibiting fears
• My ability to be reconciled with what has been
• My feeling of not being good enough
• My deepest longing
• My expectations of love and fellowship
• My goals in life

Each course evening takes three hours and follows a fixed program.

• Meal fellowship over a plate of soup
•Guided meditation with relaxation
• Short presentation of the evening’s theme
• Own reflection in silence with the support of a reflection booklet
• Conversations in small groups with conversation leaders
• Summary own reflection
• Closing with a decision on change
• The prayer of the mind

This means that the course evenings contain a dynamic between individual reflection, small conversation group and large group.

The short presentations are based on research-based facts and reflections from a universal perspective.  They always end with a reflection of the theme from a Christian point of view.  These two perspectives are kept apart, as far as can now be done.  This means that everyone can feel comfortable during the course evening, regardless of their outlook on life.

The groups are led by Jenny Dobers, Jonas Gustafsson, Görel Byström Janarv and Helena Erkenborn who are active in various ways in the parish.


Wed 16/2
Wed 9/3
Thur 31/3
Wed 13/4
Wed 27/4
Wed 11/5
Wed 1/6 

Time: 18.00–20.30

Course fee: SEK 250 for 8 occasions.  This includes a folder with materials and simple coffee. Soup and sandwich are served at cost price each time.  The course takes place in collaboration with the study association Bilda.

Each group offers 6–7 places and is aimed at anyone who is interested.

For registration email to helena.erkenborn@immanuelskyrkan.se

If you want to know more, please call Helena on 08-58750314.

Warm welcome!