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This text was published first on 9 November, 2022. It can therefore contain information or views that is inaccurate. It is online for archival purposes.

We are looking for a Housewife/Housefather for Immanuel church

As a Housewife/Housefather in the Immanuel Church congregation, you are a key player in ensuring that visitors, volunteers, church members and employees have a pleasant and welcoming environment to stay in.

You are responsible for ordering food and contacting suppliers of goods and services. You serve and/or charge in connection with various activities in the congregation, as well as at baptismal coffee and memorial services. Simpler cooking and baking occurs, sometimes it is you who do it, sometimes you distribute the work with hourly employees and volunteers.

An incredibly important task is that the volunteers in our congregation feel appreciated and that you set routines that make the business run as smoothly as possible.

You are the one responsible for the safe handling of all food and you are responsible for the washing and care of church textiles.

You have a partial responsibility in our social activities that is aimed at the socially and / or economically vulnerable. The Immanuel Church has a strong commitment to social issues.

We are looking for you who:

• Has a high sense of service

• Is independent and enterprising

• Has serving experience

• Has cooking skills

• Experience in leading others

You master Swedish and English in speech and writing. Other languages are a great advantage. If you speak Korean, that’s great. You will work both day and evening as well as 2-3 weekends a month.

The position is a permanent position of 100%. Probationary period for 6 months. The workplace is located at Kungstensgatan 17, Stockholm. Starting date by agreement. If you have any questions, please contact Property Manager Urban Smedman, 08 587 503 28 or Our union representative is Anna Berndes and can be reached at 08 587 503 02 or Please submit your application by 30 November 2022. Send your application to

Immanuel Church is a parish in Stockholm’s inner city – (T Rådmansgatan). We have our origins in four different mission congregations with large churches in the inner city. All were demolished during the transformation in Stockholm City during the 1960s/70s. In 1974, the new church was built. Our roots include a tradition of strong social commitment and an openness to different ways of believing.

We value that everyone is unique and want to offer a culture of respect and trust in ways of interpreting, seeking and expressing Christian faith. We celebrate worship in multiple languages and bring together a diversity of people from all over the world. Sectarianism, sentencing, and the disparagement of others have no place in our church. Our constant ambition is to strengthen people’s community, to bridge cultural and social barriers – both in our church and in society.

Many people know us through our big music business. We also run hotels, student accommodation, nursing homes and have a real estate company that manages the properties we have in Stockholm. The surpluses of these operations give us the resources to run other operations.

We are one of many congregations belonging to equmeniakyrkan in Sweden. About 45 employees work in the parish’s church activities.