Report from the Board 9 June 2022

The meeting began with a theological reflection by our Interim Senior Pastor Claes-Göran Ydrefors. He started from the message of Pentecost in the Acts of the Apostles and emphasized particularly on the diversity that prevailed when the Christian Church was born, all the languages ​​that were spoken with their different structure and order. With that starting point, the board talked about the challenge of reaching out today and explaining to people about the church’s message and its important role in society.

The meeting then continued with a discussion on how to put our ministry plan into practice. It was noted that it is important to follow it up continuously, both in the staff group and in the board, and that the congregation is regularly informed about how the work is progressing.

Furthermore, the board decided on a series of measures regarding the church’s premises (see previous decision on premises review from the board meeting on 21 April 2022). Urban Smedman, property and service manager, preferred and emphasized particularly on the fact that the purpose of the measures taken is to create multifunctional premises and that it is necessary to take action to address issues, including the church’s sound system due to a lack of functionality / renovation needs. The board pointed out the importance of limiting the climate impact as much as possible, that the premises meet the needs of several groups and that the issue of management is clarified before the work begins. For this purpose, the board has decided to set aside a total of SEK 5 million for renovations, rebuilding and technology purchases as preferred.

In terms of personnel, Claes-Göran Ydrefors informed that work on the recruitment of a new Senior Pastor is ongoing. The board further decided to propose to the congregation, at the Congregational meeting on September 25, the calling of Frida Fritzon as deacon and the calling of Jacob Molander as pastor assistant.

The offering situation is still critical, and the board decided to appoint a working group which was given the task of returning to the board with proposals for measures to increase the offering.

Finally, the board decided on the composition of the committees, as well as on the board representative to the board of Probitas.